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The Commute

Factory 49 10 - 20th April 2019

The need to get to a place. How we got there or what we did to get there is merely a means to an end. It has no place and rarely has relevance as long as it is getting you there. Our surroundings are landmarks en route and we seek comfort and reassurance when we see them. Looking out in a daze, filtering everything in as we are caught up in our own thoughts of yesterday or of what’s to come.

Taking the time to look down and around. Eliminating a figurative reference and seeing what Newman would call the "pure world". This world is full of unorganised shapes, form, and colour. There is a sensation within the mundane and the neglected; it is sheer beauty if you isolate it and look deeper. These are the places that facilitate our ‘A to B, but do they really get the recognition they deserve?

Walking amongst this landscape; encouraging oneself to leave pre-described thoughts at the door and enter the space, empty. Allowing the work to put you in a spacial field.

The harsh and drab landscape of a commute via foot through an industrial area can be confronting, but these works show confidence and allure you in with their soft hues. The colours are muted to show the tonalities within the cement and tarmac ground we walk on. They are angular and geometric but play with gravity to ensure a weightless hum throughout the space. The visceral weight of steel is hardly present in the works but is supporting the sleek rays of colour that are placed upon them.

‘Colour and space relations constitute such a means because from them can be made structures

which exhibit various patterns of reality.’

Robert Motherwell, Beyond the Aesthetic, 1946.

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