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artist statement & bio

Caroline Collom is an abstract artist whose practice delves into the multi-dimensional nature of painting. Inspired by her surroundings, she embarks on a visual journey, extracting abstract forms from their original context and isolating them within a space that cultivates a profound dialogue of form.


Caroline's artistic process uncovers hidden aspects of abstract imagery that may have otherwise gone unnoticed. Her paintings transcend conventional representation, granting abstract forms the freedom to exist independently and convey their own narratives. Through the interplay of shapes, colours, and textures, she creates a captivating visual language that beckons viewers to immerse themselves in the enigmatic beauty she portrays.


Caroline is a British artist who shares her time between the UK and Australia. She is currently based in Melbourne, Australia. Caroline started her art education at Wimbledon College of Art, UAL. She then went on to do her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Victorian College of Arts and graduated in 2014. The second year of her degree was spent at Massachusetts College of Art, Boston, the experience being instrumental in developing her painting style. Since graduating, she has exhibited in solo and group shows in London, Lisbon, LA, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne and completed a residency at PADA in Portugal. In 2019, Caroline collaborated with prominent Australian fashion brand Gorman on a 12-piece winter capsule collection. Her works reside in private collections in the USA, the UK, and Australia, including the JAHM collection in Melbourne.

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